May 22, 2016


This is How I Have Witness Triggers Get in The Way to My Family's Happiness.

Created by Eusebio Castillo on Feb 23, 2016 4:54 PM
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On Monday around the year 1977 when I came home from elementary school, my mother announced to my dad would leave the family and I watched my mother communicate this to my father in a tone of sadness. My mother asked my sister Ruth and I with whom we wanted to go. I remember my sister was saying Mama I'm coming with you. My reaction was I do not go with any because you don't go anywhere that's what I was saying if I remember correctly. On Sunday, Mama, my two sisters and I we went to hide in the neighbor’s home. Dad has been looking for all of us at the house. Dad kept a baton hidden in the eyebrow of the house-since I can remember- he wanted to kill my mom, my two sisters and I. My father was always very confident of his friends. When someone offered him a beer or glass of liquor and he gladly accept it.  Who has seen the evil? Some people envied my dad’s family because he was very successful, hardworking and handsome.  So he was invited to a party with one of the neighbors and there was given to take a mixture of several alcoholic beverages that did lost his head and he went crazy. I clearly remember my mother telling me “son” go get your father and tell him to come home. I do not remember my age but I do remember that I get to the party where he is and tell him we have to go now. Words come out of his mouth that are not very clear which I barely reached to understand what he says. The intoxicating drink made it very thick white spittle on his lips then it is very difficult to clearly articulate the words. He is very dull and barely walks but, I persuaded him to go home. On the way home he slips, falls and hits very hard on the head. Receives first aid by, my aunt, his sister. Losses consciousness for about ten minutes. His mother, sister and others present said that he had already died and everyone begins to mourn. Approximately ten minutes later, he regains consciousness. And now this is the time when he becomes crazy and goes in search of his baton, grabs it and asks me where my mama is because he will kill her. I told this to my mother so she run in fear for her life with all my sisters and went to hide to Adelina’s place our neighbor. Really I don’t know my father because he is/was always very quiet. I’m also not one to evaluate the conduct of my father. So, I also believe strongly that there isn’t a perfect being on the face of the earth. I’m sure the child was infinitely-more than twenty one times- embarrassed by his father who was also violent and abusive to his mother. Something I learned from sociology is that the first thing to do is that one should be disclosed.

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