March 5, 2016

Under what circumstances has it been difficult to set personal or professional boundaries and what have you done or will you do to change that?

I must begin by saying that it has taking me a while to be able to digest all this lecture from week-3-that is Values,Judgement,and Boundaries and Expectations. There were several things to which I reacted when reading this lecture but, first, let me tell you that that was me to whom was established for the first time a personal border. This occurs in the early 80's. This happens to me when I first start to live with roommates (classmates) of preparatory school I attended in Puebla,Mex. To me it was very easy I wear a pair of brand new Levis from my classmate Francisco Campos Garcia without asking him for permission. Although,it is today and not yesterday that I became aware that Francisco was right when he said in a tone of anger, "do not take my stuff ass-hole,ask me, before taking it." It is because I never knew, I also grew up with not borders as a child. Everywhere in my town back in my childhood was ejido and no one owned anything. Again is today that I try to analyse why I did what I did back high school and all I can see in the back of my head is that I was never taught to respect the belongings of others and these values never were present in my upbringing. I do not remember any other similar incident that occurred recently. As our teacher says, "You and I do have the power to alter shame-based beliefs" and that is why I confess. I don't believe Paco was trying to be aggressive with setting his boundary because he helped me to never do this again. In conclusion, today every youth is safe in my environment, I know I can have youth friends in my FB. Why not? I don't only have to have grown ups, anyway "today I'm lovable."

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